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Dr. Candice Cooper-Lovett

A wife, mom and native of Buffalo, NY, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is  the lead therapist and owner of A New Creation Psychotherapy Services, LLC a holistic group practice with a focus on transpersonal psychology and post-traumatic growth in the south Atlanta Metro area as well as The Tantric MFT LLC which is a tantric/spiritual healing practice. Dr. Cooper-Lovett received a bachelor’s in psychology from the University at Buffalo. She has a master’s in marriage and family therapy from Syracuse and a Ph.D. in couple’s and family therapy from Drexel University. She serves as a reviewer for the journal of interpersonal violence and the journal of family violence.  Dr. Cooper-Lovett has almost 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families and she is a clinical fellow of AAMFT and Approved Supervisor. She is also an AASECT certified sex therapist. Dr. Cooper-Lovett specializes in trauma particularly domestic violence/intimate partner violence (IPV), and sexual assault/abuse, that affect individuals, couples, and families. Additionally, she has a specialty in working with youth witnesses to IPV.  She specializes in infidelity recovery, and situational violence between couples as well as sexuality and sexual issues. Furthermore, she specializes in women's sexuality and pleasure. Dr. Cooper-Lovett's expertise has contributed to peer-reviewed journals, blogs, and online magazines, and articles such as the Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, Survive, Transform, Soar online magazine, Sheen Magazine, Bustle, Yahoo Lifestyle, Scary Mommy and MadameNoire.


Dr. Cooper-Lovett has been on radio shows, podcasts, webinars, television, and panels and have done workshops and keynote speeches. She has also done her own events over the years for the community as well. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has a focus of post-traumatic growth, transpersonal psychology, and social justice. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has presented at many national conferences since her undergraduate career in 2004 and has discussed topics around violence, clinical implications in working with African American youth witnesses to IPV (intimate partner violence), and mental health awareness in African American communities. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has done workshops that focus on healthy relationships, as well as workshops on empowerment and growth. She was also the keynote speaker for the Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation's Purple Orchids, Survivor and Thrivers Brunch and Fundraiser event in 2017, and 2018. Additionally, she was awarded the trailblazer of the year award at the event in 2017. She has done workshops at local community centers, churches and various events throughout the Atlanta, GA area. Dr. Cooper-Lovett has also previously facilitated groups with at-risk youth on topics of substance use, trauma, and anger management.  As a mental health and empowerment speaker, Dr. Cooper-Lovett enjoy's messages that are focused on social justice and equality, growth, healthy relationships, preventing dating violence, sexuality and sexual issues, and empowerment for at-risk youth.  Additionally, Dr. Cooper-Lovett does consulting and facilitation of retreats for staff in organizations (trust, morale, cohesion). She also does training's on issues such as sexual harassment/assault, domestic violence, and issues regarding race, gender, ability, sexual orientation and identity. 


Additionally, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is a Tantric shaman and incorporates heart work in her healing as well. She also has added spiritual healing and readings to her practices as well. If interested in spiritual healing  you can visit The Tantric MFT.


If you are interested in booking Dr. Cooper-Lovett for a speaking engagement please email or call her for pricing and availability. You can also find some of Dr. Cooper-Lovett's presentations, radio, and tv appearances on her multimedia page. 

Media Kit available upon request.

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