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Building a private practice can be a lot of work especially when it comes to social media marketing, and navigating managed care. We offer consultation services for mental health professionals who are interested in starting and building their own private practice and  building their social media platform through marketing. I provide consults in person, by phone, and via online video chat. Consultations start at 30 minute sessions. 

  • Do you want to build a private practice based on your vision and clinical specialty​?

  • Do you want to understand how to navigate complex systems in managed care/behavioral health (Credentialing, CAQH, Availity)?

  • Do you want to add clinicians to your practice but you're not sure where to start?

  • Do you want to attract more clients that you want to work with?

  • Do you want to incorporate holistic/alternative medicine and spirituality into private practice?

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Thesis/Dissertation Assistance

  • Topics related to intimate partner violence​

  • Child Witnesses to intimate partner violence

  • Sexual abuse/assault

  • Sexuality and Sexual Issues

  • Topics related to the field of MFT and Sex Therapy


I can help you become a better project manager of your dissertation or thesis by teaching you how to structure the process and create realistic work plans you can achieve. I can also help you work effectively with your chairperson and committee and overcome psychological barriers to finishing such as anxiety, fear, negative thinking, procrastination, perfectionism, and writer's block. 

Click below for further details about dissertation/thesis assistance and coaching program:

  • Clinical Skill Building

    • Case Conceptualization, and professional development for MFT and cases regarding sexuality and sexual issues for licensed clinicians.

      • Training Basics for licensed clinicians wanting to utilize systems perspective with their clinical cases

      • Case conceptualization for sex therapy cases 

  • Interested in becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor?

    • I provide supervision mentorship to those who are wanting to become AAMFT approved supervisors.


Dr. Cooper-Lovett not only serves as a marriage and family therapist, and sex therapist but also as a mental health and motivational speaker. Dr. Cooper-Lovett in has presented at many national conferences since her undergraduate career surrounding topics around violence, clinical implications in working with African American youth witnesses to IPV (intimate partner violence), and mental health awareness in African American communities, just to name a few. As a mental health and empowerment speaker, Dr. Cooper-Lovett enjoy's messages that are focused on social justice and equality, growth, healthy relationships, sex and sexuality, preventing dating violence, and empowerment for at-risk youth. Inquire for speaker kit.


 Dr. Cooper-Lovett does consulting, and training for administrators and staff in businesses.  She also does consulting for private practices with regard to: 

  • Cultural Competency/Sensitivity/Diversity and Social Justice

  • Incorporating Holistic and Spiritual Practices in Private Practice

  • Incorporating Sex Therapy into Private Practice

  • Staff relationships

  • Having difficult dialogue about marginalized groups

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Vicarious Trauma

  • Social and Emotional Challenges in Children and Adolescents (trauma, mental health, at-risk youth)

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